17 November 2017 (Friday) - Hub and Spoke ?

The IBMS have taken to sending out a weekly summary email of what is going on over on their new forum.
So far I have made a point of staying away from it. Internet forums *always* end up in petty bickering and personal abuse. Always have; always will. It is human nature unfortunately.
However I shall look at the weekly summary of what’s going on. You never know what you are missing.

I’m most intrigued by this thread “What will be the impact of hub and spoke models on pathology?” Needless to say several opinions are being bandied about. The obvious impact will be centralisation of specialist work, formation of pathology networks, and the growth of the “factory lab”… or so we all thought ten years ago.
It seems this idea is now raising its head again.

All I can say is that I hope it waits until I’m retired. I’m happy where and how I’m now working. I do *not* want to go back to where I once was (both geographically and as a state of mind)

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