27 September 2017 (Wednesday) - 1704 DM

I did the digital morphology exercise today – I spotted blast cells with nucleoli and Auer rods even though the Wbc was not especially high. There were giant platelets, but the platelet count was reduced. TO confuse the issue there were even nucleated red cells and spherocytes.

I felt this was a case of AML… I was right: “this is acute promyelocytic leukaemia. Although morphology can be highly variable in the condition the large blast cells already shown  with complex nuclei and accompanying coagulopathy should suggest the diagnosis. Key is to find the typical highly granular cells, and the presence of multiple Auer rods should confirm APL as the diagnosis (subject to confirmation). It is very important to be aware of the diagnosis since early treatment can be life-saving”.

I’m happy with my findings…

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