5 August 2017 (Saturday) - A Mystery

I shall relate a little episode which happened at work today. I’m still rather mystified as to what it was all about…

Whilst on duty I received a phone call at 18.15 on Saturday evening from someone claiming to be a sister called (let’s say) Vanessa at another hospital’s A&E. I won’t say where it was… but it was close enough that it was not unreasonable that we might share care with some patients.

This so-called sister was wanting me to tell her a specific patient’s blood group claiming that if I didn’t tell disclose this information then the patient would have to have O Neg as she had an Hb of 7.2, and the patient would rather have her own blood group. They had (and supplied) all the patient’s demographic data.

This is a perfectly reasonable request *if* you don’t know anything at all about blood bank practices.

I wasn't going to give out any information; certainly this all seemed odd. I told them this request was highly irregular, and they should contact their own laboratory. They argued for a bit and then hung up.

I phoned the BMS at this hospital who confirmed that they would want a blood sample before doing anything; as is standard practice in pretty much the entire world.
I phoned the A&E department at that hospital who assured me they had no one named Vanessa working there.
So… someone with no understanding of hospital practice was trying to find a named person’s blood group. A prank call? Someone trying to find out if a certain person was registered with our hospital’s systems? Someone trying to do a blood transfusion on their own? Whatever it was I wasn’t going to admit whether or not I even had any information on the named patient.
I wonder what that was all about?

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