25 May 2017 (Thursday) - NEQAS Blood Film result

I got to see the NEQAS blood film result today and got to compare it to what I thought:

1703 BF1

Rbc - anisocytosis with macrocytes, burr cells and some target cells. A few NRBC seen
Wbc - neutropenia
Plt - thrombocytopenia 

I was rather vaue about this other than that the patient was very unwell.
The actual patient was on an ITU

1703 BF2

Rbc - hypochromia with lots of NRBC seen. Some show basophilic stippling
Wbc - unremarkable
Plt - unremarkable

I thought this was a  thalassamia intermedia / major

It was actually a case of HbE / beta-thalassaemia.

Got those right…

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