25 February 2017 (Saturday) - Struck Off

I read this article with interest. Another biomedical scientist has been struck off. Having been up before the HCPC myself I feel for anyone who faces one of their hearings. Whilst (on reflection) it was a fair hearing, it was also perhaps one of the more awful experiences of my life. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
This case was interesting though. To quote the newspaper:

Concerns were raised internally about XXX’s work in July 2014. Under the organisation’s robust disciplinary procedures she was investigated for failure to follow correct process across a number of responsibilities and tasks. These included failure to maintain appropriate training records and stock taking issues…. at no time did XXX’s actions result in patient harm. The internal investigation identified there were sufficient lapses in following correct process that it warranted dismissal and Ms Shah was dismissed from …

If there was no patient harm, just how important were these procedures she supposedly neglected? Are we losing sight of the bigger picture here?

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