8 January 2017 (Sunday) - Transfusion Evidence Library Update

This morning’s haul of emails gave an overview of the ten most popular articles from the Transfusion Evidence Library in 2016:

3.     Point-of-care thromboelastography/thromboelastometry-based coagulation management in cardiac surgery: a meta-analysis of 8332 patients
Deppe AC ; Weber C​, et al. The Journal of Surgical Research. 2016;203(-2):424-33
4.     Transfusion thresholds and other strategies for guiding allogeneic red blood cell transfusion
Carson JL ; Stanworth SJ​, et al. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2016;(-10):CD002042
6.     Effect of short-term vs. long-term blood storage on mortality after transfusion
Heddle NM ; Cook RJ​, et al. The New England Journal of Medicine. 2016
Interesting reading….

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