19 February 2016 (Friday) - NHSBT Newsletter

The NHSBT Newsletter arrived by email today

As always it came in three sections:

For Action
1.1  Update on Extended Blood Group Testing for patients with Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Disorders

For Information
2.1 From 1st March 2016 NHSBT Filton plans to reduce the amount of CMV screening it performs
2.2 Updated SHOT Reporting Definitions, including reference to HEV negative components
2.3 Forthcoming extension to past-thaw expiry of FFP

For Training
3.1 Training & Education Events and Courses

For me the interesting thing was the discussion about extending the lifetime of thawed FFP. Back in the day the stuff had four hours after defrosting. Now it has one day. And it looks like this will be extended to five days….

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