29 December 2015 (Tuesday) - IBMS Newsletter

I finally got round to looking at the IBMS Newsletter; it actually came out two weeks ago.

As always not all of the stuff is relevant to me.

·  Much as I find microbiological and cell pathology stuff interesting, it isn’t immediately useful to my day to day practice.
·  There is a new president of the IBMS; with no disrespect to the chap I try to avoid the politics of any organisation these days.
·  Similarly I steer clear of on-line discussion forums as they are usually little more than a fight
·  I’m interested to see what changes the IBMS are making to their CPD scheme; but until compulsory changes are made I shall carry on using this blog as a way of recording (most of) what I do

There were also a load of links, but precious few seemed relevant to me. More and more the IBMS seems to be focussing on stuff which is more relevant to lab managers. Been there, done that. Doing something different now.

Having said that I do feel I expect more from the IBMS…

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