4 December 2015 (Friday) - HCPC Newsletter

The December newsletter from the HCPC arrived this morning.

There was talk about the revised Standards of conduct, performance and ethics… but only talk. Not much in actual substance unfortunately.

HCPC HQ has new phone numbers

There was mention about a live webcast – HCPC update and disengagement in health and care. Unfortunately this is planned for Thursday 10 December 2015 at 12.30–1.45pm… not a convenient time.

There was talk about the HCPC’s involvement in fraud, corruption and theft in the NHS

There was a Fitness to Practice report for the year. After several clicks I got to it. I read a little… still a sensitive subject for me….

And there was a report on the first fifteen years of the HCPC – now that was interesting…

So often this publication is dull. This one wasn’t…

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