30 September 2015 (Wednesday) - NBS Communique

September’s communication to hospitals from NHS Blood and Transplant came out today.

The first two items: addition of HbS to the Electronic Despatch Note  and changes to Adverse Incident Reporting were rather dull

The “For Information” seemed more relevant to me, covering the roll-out of pooled platelets in additive and plasma, the Electronic Requesting & Reporting for Blood Transfusion, Revised BCSH Guidelines on Group A Plasma and LIMS functionality and the British Committee for Standards in Haematology Guidelines on the Identification and Management of Pre-Operative Anaemia.
Mind you the NBTC/NHSBT National Patient Blood Management Survey - October 2015 and the RCI Quarterly Update were rather dry

I had high hopes for the bit about Training & Education Events and Courses, but (usually) the courses are rather impractical. This time none were listed Which is a shame

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