2 October 2015 (Friday) - HCPC "In Focus" Magazine

The HCPC “In Focus” e-magazine arrive by email today. I don’t want to sound cynical, but it started with the new chair writing a lot of words to not actually say very much.

There was then a reminder about renewals; biomedical scientists are up for renewal. I have renewed. There was also guidance for the unlucky 2.5% that are picked to have their CPD efforts reviewed. For all that I actually do CPD and make the effort to be seen to be doing so (hence this blog) I’m glad I wasn’t picked.

The article on health and disability being a barrier to becoming a health care professional was interesting, but whenever I read that sort of thing I can’t help but wonder if anyone has an axe to grind; I’ve met so many banging these drums before; each one with an “agenda”.

There were a couple of articles about consultation for revisions to documents. I find these dry documents rather dull; consultations about them even more so… (sorry)

And the magazine ended with a list of upcoming events for employers, planned CPD presentations, and a list of council meetings.

I must admit I was glad to see they seem to have dropped the list of upcoming disciplinary hearings….

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