29 June 2015 (Monday) - An Email

I had an email to tell me “The UKNEQAS General Haematology Digital Morphology Scheme CPD Session has been closed.
Please login to http://ukneqas.digitalslidebox.com where you can now log in and review the overall submissions of all participants, the diagnosis and expert comment, and annotation of the original slide

So I logged in and was told “This CPD Module is closed and you did not participate. You can still click through on the folder to see information about the CPD case

That was odd. I make a point of doing microscopy CPD. Did I not get an email telling me about it? Mind you the software’s not user-friendly. Perhaps I got bogged down in it? Perhaps it didn’t record what I said. In any case I don’t remember.

CPD doesn’t always work. Must do something so this does work next time.

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