24 April 2015 (Friday) - An Email

From: NHSBT Customer Service [mailto:-deleted email address-]
Sent: 23 April 2015 15:22
To: Transfusion Laboratory Managers; Transfusion Practitioners; Consultant Haematologist; HTC Chairs
Subject: NHSBT: April Communication from NHS Blood and Transplant - Information only

Dear Colleague

Please note that the April communication to hospitals from NHS Blood and Transplant is now available on our website, please see link below:


Please note that this month's communication includes the following information:

For Action
1.1  OBOS Training System 6.0.2
1.2  New Transport Containers

For Information
2.1 Two brand new Patient Information Leaflets launched
2.2 Patient Information Leaflet – Blood Groups and Red Cell Antibodies in Pregnancy Version 3
2.3 Update on NHSBT Platelet Supply Project
2.4 NHSBT TACSI Platelet Production
2.5 New OBOS version release dates

For Training
3.1 Training & Education Events and Courses


Customer Service
NHS Blood and Transplant
:-deleted phone number-
:-deleted email address-

The NHSBT newsletter is usually quite interesting... I found this one something of a disappointment...

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