20 March 2015 (Friday) - Lab in a Bag

Here’s a possibly worrying article.

“Lab in a Bag” is a “groundbreaking mobile diagnostics service that will deliver laboratory standard test results outside of hospital and allow patients to be diagnosed and treated at the point of care

In theory it sounds like a good thing, and *if* it works it will clearly be essential in inmproving the patient experience and outcome.

In practice the entire “near patient thing” hasn’t really impacted on my personal workload. Will this one? I don’t know. But in all of this near patient testing I always remember the works of a paediatric sister who was once telling me about a ward-based bilurubin-measuring device. She would only allow the machine to be used if it was being done “just for fun”. If the result was to be used in patient treatment the sister refused to allow the machine to be used; for that she insisted the hospital lab produce the result.

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