November 2 2010 (Tuesday) - Another Success

On 12 October I mentioned that I’d overseen the qualification of eighteen trainees. Today’s success made that figure nineteen.
The inspector who visited a month ago was absolutely ecstatic with what he saw. Today’s assessor (from the same place of work) was not so impressed.  I’ll accept that I am probably wrong in using the same evidences to both “observe the trainee” and to show that they have “answered questions…”. It’s a valid point, and I shall bear it in mind.

Also suggesting that certificates of achievement are not enough on their own (and that they should be backed up with reflection) is a new (to me) idea. I suppose it is a valid idea, and easy enough to do.

I could whinge more, but it would not be right to do so here, bearing in mind I’ve taken the (somewhat brave!) decision to publish my reflective diary. And seeing this is a reflective diary (of sorts), on reflection I need to be more receptive to criticism.
But I will say that this is now the seventh portfolio assessment that I’ve been on the receiving end of, and whilst there are other assessors who agree with me (in part), there are those who don’t seem to agree very much either with me or with each other. Perhaps we need stricter guidelines? I shall also get on to the IBMS in the morning.
But after all was said and done, the chap passed. Which is the main thing. 

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