October 30 2010 (Saturday) - Section 1b

I spent a few minutes this morning working on my website of advice for students tackling the IBMS pre-registration portfolio.

I’ve now revisited all of the set questions for section 1a, and have been through the various other evidences and added a page of evidences specifically aimed at providing evidence for section 1b. The obvious next steps are to do the same for sections two and three.

Perhaps I’m now wasting my time in that yesterday I applied for another of my students to have his portfolio assessed. This with be the third of my current batch of six students. Perhaps I’ve left it a bit late to be revising the website. The trouble is it takes this long to build up the experience to be able to make the suggestions.

Mind you I will always have more students in the future. And I suspect that word is getting around about this website….

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