October 25 2010 (Monday) - Pre Reg Portfolio

In my considered opinion, the most difficult part of the IBMS pre-registration portfolio is finding evidence for Sections 1a.1 – 1a.8. They are all very “admin & management” and are rather difficult for the new starter to get to grips with. To that end I’ve put together some set questions to provide evidence specifically for those sections.
Whilst they are based on something I shamelessly blagged from other people many years ago, now they bear very little (if any) relation to their original form. I’ve been working on (yet another) revision of these questions, and am about two thirds of the way through. Over the last week or so I’ve touched on such topics as professionalism, the working day, accountability and incident reporting. Over the next week I intend to beef up the secions on Health & Safety, the European Working Time Directive, CPD, and dealing with adversity.

If any of my loyal readers have any other ideas or suggestions for Portfolio section 1a.1 – 1a.8 evidences, I’d be very pleased to hear from you…

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