October 19 2010 (Tuesday) - Wikipedia

I was asked today "What exactly can you see in a blood film?"

I'm not going to answer that here - it would take a series of essays or lectures to do justice to that question. But I thought I might make a start answering that question by having a look to see what the oracle of all wisdom had to say on the matter.

As it happened (as you would probably expect), Wikipedia’s opening paragraph on the subject was frankly gibberish - "Aq blood film or peripheral blood smear is a microscope slide made from a drop written by zamir blood". The rest of the article wasn't *too* bad, but it wasn't *too* good either, so I made a start on putting the page right by correcting the first sentence. I might go back later and do some more

I suppose I could benefit humanity at large and (at the same time) satisfy the fourth CPD standard by doing more editing on Wikipedia’s haematological articles...?

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