October 14 2010 (Thursday) - I.T. Projects

To the right hand side of this page is a section which reads “THE AUTHOR'S OTHER CPD PROJECTS”…

I’ve doubled the size of the CPD presentation archive. There’s still not a lot there, but it will grow with time.

Following on from what I shall take as a glowing endorsement of my website of advice for students tacking the pre-registration portfolio on Tuesday, I’ve carried on updating the set questions which can be used as evidence for Section 1.

I have also utterly revamped my website of advice for students tacking the specialist portfolio in haematology and blood transfusion and relocated it to its new home.
I shall leave the original where it was, and all future efforts will go on this new-improved Mark II version. It still needs a lot of work; especially in the areas of blood transfusion. I expect I shall get round to those bits eventually. Blood transfusion isn’t exactly my forte….

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