October 1 2010 (Saturday) - HPC Newsletter

On September 23rd I mentioned that I’d done some work on my website of advice for students tackling the pre-registration portfolio. I’d revised my set of questions about the role of the Health Professions Council. One of my new questions for the students was: “Describe (briefly) the role that the HPC plays in the daily life of the average biomedical scientist”. My reasoning in asking this question was that the students’ immediate answer would be “bugger all!”, but further research on their part would prove to be enlightening.

Today I received an email from the HPC. They had sent their latest newsletter. I opened this missive, expecting to find all manner of goodies relevant to my question. So what has the HPC been doing in the life of the average biomedical scientist?

Let’s just say that “In Focus Issue 31” has left me feeling somewhat let down by those in authority above me…

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