September 12th (Sunday) - Reflection

In the four days since I created this reflective diary, it’s been accessed over a hundred times (and I’ve set the tracking software not to record when I call the thing up myself!). When I set it up I never intended it to be primarily something that other people would read or use, it was (and is) intended to be an archive for myself and the HPC-appointed CPD inspector.

But if others like reading it, that’s fine by me. And to that end I’ve added a couple of pages (see above) to this reflective diary. One to give hints and tips about what CPD is all about, and one to help other biomedical scientists to set up their own reflective diary. I wonder if anyone will…?

Speaking for myself, I’ve now managed to do some CPD every day for a week. And more importantly to record that I’ve done so. I hope I can keep this up…

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